Withdrawal Method (Pulling Out)

Pulling Out shirt

The Kinsey Institute published a recent article about “pulling out.” They reported that a recent Duke University Study examined 2,220 sexually active young women between 2006-2008 and found that at least 31% had used the withdrawal method at least once.

The key topics discussed in their article include:
1. The withdrawal method is more common than you think, and may be more effective than you think
2. The withdrawal method works best as when the woman knows her cycle
3. The withdrawal method does not protect against STIs

They conclude with this summary:

Is it for you?
If used correctly with a trusted and tested sexual partner with whom you have good communication, researchers argue that the withdrawal method can be almost as effective as condoms. People may be more inclined to adopt this method of birth control because it requires less time, energy and money (going to the doctor to get an oral contraceptive prescription, going to the store for condoms), and may increase pleasure during intercourse (many cite discomfort or loss of pleasure with the use of condoms).

Always make sure to discuss your birth control methods with your partner and if you have questions see a healthcare provider.

Just remember that “pulling out” is less effective than condoms and puts you at risk for an unintended pregnancy.

For some interesting articles, go to this link.

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