Fertility Awareness – Natural Family Planning

Understanding your monthly fertility pattern can help you plan to get pregnant or avoid getting pregnant. Your fertility pattern is the number of days in the month when you are fertile (able to get pregnant), days when you are infertile, and days when fertility is unlikely, but possible. If you have a regular menstrual cycle, you have about nine or more fertile days each month. If you do not want to get pregnant, you do not have sex on the days you are fertile, or you use a barrier method of birth control on those days. Failure rates vary across these methods.

Natural Womanhood has an excellent site that describes the different methods and list the failure rates at a lower level than does most other charts about effectiveness.  To learn more about some of these methods go to NaturalWomanhood.org

Medical Update pamphlet

Click here to read the above pamphlet, It outlines the current medical information about Fertility Awareness Methods.

Mis-Contraceptions the film

for more information go to their website:  http://www.miscontraceptions.com

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