Barrier Methods (Non-hormonal)

Diaphragm or cervical cap—Each of these barrier methods are placed inside the vagina to cover the cervix to block sperm. The diaphragm is shaped like a shallow cup. The cervical cap is a thimble-shaped cup. Before sexual intercourse, you insert them with spermicide to block or kill sperm. Visit your doctor for a proper fitting because diaphragms and cervical caps come in different sizes. Typical use failure rate: 12%.





An interesting story about trying to get a diaphragm in the U.S.

Getting a Diaphragm, it’s complicated in the U.S.

While looking for a non toxic option for contraception, We stumbled upon a gel made from lactic acid since nonoxyl-9 is hazardous, it seemed like a great idea. The only catch is, contragel needs to be used with a diaphragm. Here’s the ridiculous part: not only is the safe spermicide $30 a tube, a sized diaphragm is only available by RX from a gyn in the good ole USA. This means some women will have to pay hundreds of dollars just for the visit and a piece of silicone, and a dr could deny it. Unfortunately two diaphragms were taken off the market last year. Looks like the GOP government wants to be so “small” that it will fit over a woman’s cervix… The widely used one size fits many caya silicone cap MIGHT be available in the us (unfortunately by prescription) next year. I am so fed up with commerce and politics getting in the way of family planning.


~ Non toxic Spermicide:…

~ Caya Diaphragm (one size fits most):


Cervical Cap

Sponge – Spermicides

These products work by killing sperm and come in several forms—foam, gel, cream, film, suppository, or tablet. They are placed in the vagina no more than one hour before intercourse. You leave them in place at least six to eight hours after intercourse. You can use a spermicide in addition to a male condom, diaphragm, or cervical cap. They can be purchased at drug stores. Typical use failure rate: 28%.



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