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An interesting story about trying to get a diaphragm in the U.S.

Getting a Diaphragm, it’s complicated in the U.S.

While looking for a non toxic option for contraception, We stumbled upon a gel made from lactic acid since nonoxyl-9 is hazardous, it seemed like a great idea. The only catch is, contragel needs to be used with a diaphragm. Here’s the ridiculous part: not only is the safe spermicide $30 a tube, a sized diaphragm is only available by RX from a gyn in the good ole USA. This means some women will have to pay hundreds of dollars just for the visit and a piece of silicone, and a dr could deny it. Unfortunately two diaphragms were taken off the market last year. Looks like the GOP government wants to be so “small” that it will fit over a woman’s cervix… The widely used one size fits many caya silicone cap MIGHT be available in the us (unfortunately by prescription) next year. I am so fed up with commerce and politics getting in the way of family planning.

~ Non toxic Spermicide: http://www.thealtiestore.com/contrage…

~ Caya Diaphragm (one size fits most):http://www.thealtiestore.com/caya-silcs-diaphragm/

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