History of Contraception

A Brief History of Contraception in The Atlantic
Feb 18, 2015 |

Click on the link for a short video of the History of Contraception
Video by The Atlantic

In the March issue of The Atlantic, Olga Khazan investigates the future of birth control, from remote-controlled implants to a pill for men. The use of contraceptives dates all the way back to 1850 B.C., when women in ancient Egypt used honey, acacia leaves, and lint to block sperm. This two-minute animation traces the history of contraception through the centuries, from sea sponges (500 B.C.), linen sheath condoms (1564), lemon cervical caps (1700), and the “rhythm method” (1920) to modern advancements such as vaginal rings, hormone injections, IUDs, and patches.
Author: Jackie Lay

Our Bodies Ourselves has this link to the history of contraception:

A Brief History of Birth Control in the U.S. – Our Bodies Ourselves.

Here is some original film footage of the 1970s Nelson Pill Hearings:

And now

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