Other Sites to Explore

Links to a few of the most popular sites about birth control are listed below. We’d like to point out that although they give information about the side effects, we feel that they do not tell you about the risks nor do they tell you the important warning signs to watch out for should you have a serious medical problem, such as a blood clot, pulmonary embolism, stroke or heart attack.

We believe you deserve to know as much as possible about this important choice.  We’ve created this site to include things about the various methods that these sites will not include. Your choice of method for birth control is important: it affects both your emotional and your physical well-being and will for a long, long time.


BirthControlSafety is a source of good information about effectiveness and safety.  Click this link to go to BirthControlSafety

Our Bodies Ourselves has a website with lots of information. Click this link to go to Our Bodies Ourselves

Bedsider.org has a colorful chart and lots information. Go to their page Birth Control Methods

CedarRivers Clinic has a convenient clickable chart to look at your birth control options.  Go to their page Birth Control Comparison Chart 

The Association of Reproductive Health Professionals also has an on-line app to use. MethodMatch

Women’s Health Magazine has a chart called Your Ultimate Birth Control Guide

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